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Students of the Month
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Monday, January 05, 2015

2019-20        Student                            Grade

February       Lila Titsworth                    5th

January         Cashton Sanders               4th

December     Allie Sanders                     6th

November     Eli Moudy                          5th

October         Valerie Stancil                   4th

September     Ronnie Whorton                6th

2018-19        Student                            Grade

May               Easton Cunningham          6th

April               Joshlyn Renfroe               5th

March             Aniel Cazeras                   4th

February        Jocie Wagner                    6th

January          Rylee Morris                     5th

December       Jaylee Teeter                    4th

November       Ryder Hottinger                6th

October           Jason Lara                       5th

September      Cristian Alcocer                 4th

2017-18        Student                         Grade

September    Rebeca Dominguez          4th

October         McKenzie Martin              5th

November     Karsyn Moudy                  6th

December      Nathan Brown                 4th

January         Miranda Bruhn                 5th

February        Gabe Mathis                    6th

March            Ava Grace Cathey            4th

April              Triston Morris                  5th

May               Garrett Wilson                 6th

2016-17        Student                        Grade

September      Colby Davis                   4th

October           Taytum Brock                5th

November       Harmony Garner            6th

December        Preston Berry                5th

January           Peyton Bond                  4th

February          Landon Stanley              6th

March               Audrey Birge                 4th

April                 Jacob Ramey                 5th

May                  Lauren White                 6th

2015-16          STUDENT                     GRADE

September      Abbi Grace Cunningham       4th

October             Skylar Crail                        5th

November         Kyra Meeks                         6th

December          Jaxson Cox                         4th

 January             Landon Daily                      5th

February             Caleb Wojtek                      6th

March                 Addison Marshall                 4th

April                    Eli Nason                            5th

May                    Ngan Bui                             6th

2014-15           STUDENT                    GRADE

September    Alyson Greathouse             4th

October        Adony Murillo                     5th

November      Mackenzie Bartlett           6th

December      Matthew White                 4th

January         Amanda Horn                   5th

February        Beau Devore                    6th

March            Nayana Hernandez            4th

April              Baylee Gottsponer             5th

May               Madison Nicholson             6th


2013-14                STUDENT                 GRADE

 September        Addison Greathouse     4th

 October             Zoe Meadows                5th

 November           Parker Tinnell             6th    

 December           Caleb Hamm                4th  

 January              Justin Bunton               5th

 February             Kaleb Oels                   6th

 March                  Katy Tramel               4th

 April                    Kaitlyn Brown            5th

 May                    Carly Dunlap               6th

 2012-13                STUDENT                 GRADE

 September          Hayden Weatherall       6th

 October               Payton Ritchie              5th

 November             Sophia Hampton         6th

 December              Brenlee Barton           4th

 January                 Heath Heikes               5th   

 February               Trevor Fugate             4th

 March                    Wesley Heikes             6th   

April                       Miguel Paramo            5th

 May                         Zachary Byrum          4th

 2011-12                   Student                 Grade

 September            Analysia English         5th

 October               Tyler Daily                      6th

 November            Olivia Johnson                4th

 December             Blake Andrews              5th

 January                Alex Brown                  6th

 February              Rachel Ramey               4th

 March                   Kailah Zinnell              5th

 April                      Kara Beaton                   6th

 May                      Alli Shewmake                4th

 2010-2011            Student                      Grade

 September              Tristyn Peron                 5th

 October                   Ashley Sebastian           6th

 November               Breckyn Ballard         4th

 December               Corey Whitbey            5th

 January                  Regan Jones                6th

 February                Kaiya Eakin                4th

 March                    Shea Franklin             5th

 April                      Savanna Whitbey         6th

 May                       Jacob Mills                   4th

 2009-2010             STUDENT            GRADE

 September            Sabrina Jones             4th

 October                Wesley Ivy                   5th

 November            Jamie Hale                   6th

 December            Hannah Lewis            4th

 January               Reagan Johnson          5th

 February             Lauren Faford             6th

 March                   Evan Fox                     4th

 April                    Hayden Simpson         5th

 May                     Zachary Riggs              6th

 2008-09               STUDENT               GRADE

 September          Brecken Bell             6th

 October              Jake White                4th

 November          Erin Heikes                5th

 December          Michael Lay               6th

 January            Caleb Hull                   4th

 February           Jade Branning           5th

 March                Shelby Blackwell       6th

 April                 Caitlyn Hernandez     4th

May                    Mariah Prock             5th

 2007-08              Student                       Grade

 September        Kristy Ford                  5th

 October            Bethany Clair              6th

 November        Payton Hubbard         4th

 December         Logan Hunt                 5th

 January            Amber Bogue              6th

 February         Spencer Maske           4th

 March              Megan Hand               5th

 April                 Mikalya Thompson    6th

 May                   Audrey Birge               4th

 2006-07             STUDENT             GRADE

 September          Zane Sullivan              4th

 October               Valerie Applegate      5th

 November            Kaitlyn Ferguson       6th

 December            Andrea McAnulty       4th

 January                Madison Johnston      5th

 February              Heather Jones             6th

 March                  Quinn LeBahn            4th

 April                     Ashley Meeks              5th

May                      Chelsey Darter           6th

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