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A.M.I. days - If we have inclement weather, our superintendent may decide to use the missed day as an "AMI day"; if so, TV, radio and school messenger will announce the day as an A.M.I. day.  

Each 5th grade student has a folder with work in it from each subject area teacher which is to be completed and brought back to school as soon as we return.  Mrs. Baker and I will have one lesson that is combined and will count for Social Studies as well as Reading.

For Reading/Social Studies AMI days:

AMI day 1 - Students read a short nonfiction passage, "Our Daddy, Dr. King" and complete the comprehention questions and sequencing of events.

AMI day 2 - Students read two short stories. One story is a fictional tall tale about John Henry and answer the multiple choice quesions about the story.  The second story is about the real John Henry and what historians believe about him.  Students will complete the constructed response based on the second nonfiction story of John Henry.

AMI day 3 - Students read a nonfiction story from our Time for Kids  magazine titled, "Quiet Strength" and complete the questions- What's Your Personality Type? and Tips for Success.

A.M.I. day 4 - Students read a nonfiction passage, "The Blizzard of 1949 and answer the questions attached.

A.M.I. day 5 - Students read a nonfiction passage, "Why Do We Have Earth Day?" and answer the detail multiple choice questions.