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Please click the Announcements Link above to see your lessons for Days 1-5 of our AMI (Alternative Method of Instruction) if we have some.

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Mrs. Turnbow



Western Yell County: 1992-1998           1st year- All subjects...Then it was

                                                                                          Language and 

                                                                                          Social Studies.

Ola Elementary: 2005-2006   Language Arts

Pottsville Middle Grades:2006-current    Language Arts


(19 years in public school) 




This is my 19th year to teach Language Arts.  I absolutely love it!  Some days are more challenging than others, but that makes it interesting! :)   


In-between W.Y.C. and Ola, our family traveled in a Gospel Band named the Sounds of Victory.  We did that a total of 11 years (7 full time).  I also homeschooled our 4 children and 2 others.  I'm thankful for those years!


When I came off the road, I went to Ola for 1 year.  I then was blessed to be hired here at Pottsville Middle Grades where I've made it my 'home'. :)  


Teaching is a calling, and I'm trying to answer that call with my whole heart!  I love each and every one of my students and colleagues.  I pray nothing but the very best for every Apache, young and all the way up!  It's a blessing to work in the best District in the world among great friends, parents, and most of all...our precious students!!!


God Bless you all!

Mrs. Turnbow

Romans 8:38